Venice 2012: Jury Rulebook Limits THE MASTER To Two Awards

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Venice 2012: Jury Rulebook Limits THE MASTER To Two Awards
PT Anderson's The Master is so good.

How good is it?

It is so good that the jury at the Venice International Film Festival really wanted to award the film the Golden Lion for best film, the Silver Lion to PT Anderson for best direction, and a joint acting award to Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman for their acting prowess.

However. A recent rule change prohibits a film from winning more than two awards at the festival. So the jury was asked to go back to deliberations yesterday and make a decision about the awards before they were announced tonight. Anderson gets to keep his Silver Lion, Phoenix and Hoffman will still get their acting award, and the Golden Lion has gone to Kim Ki-duk's Pieta.

Anderson is here in Toronto with his film at tiff and had this to say about the jury's decision, "I'm thrilled with whatever they want to hand over. I heard the scuttlebutt recently, but I'm thrilled with whatever we got," and added about the acting award, "It was amazing what happened in Venice... They gave it to both of the boys, which is amazing".

Be sure to read Jason's transcendent review of Anderson's film here.

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