TIFF 2012: SATELLITE BOY Charms In New Trailer

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TIFF 2012: SATELLITE BOY Charms In New Trailer
For a country that has so many disputes about land embedded into its culture, it should be no surprise there is an entire subgenre of Australian movies that deals with underdog characters faced with the threat of big business developers coming and possessing their land. 

Werner Herzog travelled to Australia in 1984 to tackle this for his first film in English, Where the Green Ants Dream, and more recently it's become a popular topic for family comedies, such as The Castle, Subdivision, and Crackerjack

Clearly the genre is now swinging back to the more serious themes explored by Herzog. Already this year we've had Mabo, the biopic of Aboriginal land rights campaigner Eddie Koiki Mabo, and now comes Catriona McKenzie's Satellite Boy, screening in this year's Toronto International Film Festival. 

Pete is 10 and lives in the outback with his grandfather in an old abandoned outdoor cinema. When his home is threatened by developers, Pete travels to the city with his best friend Kalmain to try and save his home. 

Check out the trailer below. 
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mightyjoeyoungSeptember 12, 2012 5:30 PM

Looks pretty good, thanks Mr Stone.