SUFFocate on SYDNEY UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL bucket of visual treats

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia (@Kwenton)
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SUFFocate on SYDNEY UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL bucket of visual treats
If you are a Sydney-sider (hey we can't all be so lucky...) and want an unhealthy dose of off-centre film then SUFF is your savior! Like a gut punch it knocks the wind out of you with an exhilarating and brief festival program, before receding back into the dark. Link below contains all you need to know but here are some highlights we recommend, and a cool promo word that gives you cheaper tickets!

Promo-code: SHORT = any short film session $10 tix

Hot on the heels of their Ass-tralia tour is this culmination of their off-hinged efforts. As usual John C. Reilly is unmissable as disgusting helper-vagrant Taquito.
Review here by a ScreenAnarchists that hasn't even seen their previous stuff!

Promo-code: SHRIM = $30 opening night tickets

Harmony Korine and some other weirdos create an anthology about a higher plane of existence known as the fourth dimension - enlightenment awaits in this globe trotting oddity.

Celebrated auteur Guy Maddin's latest is an epic abode-odyssey. Part gangster crime, part existential mystery, this stunningly shot black and white enigma is a great addition to the SUFF lineup.
Big-time ScreenAnarchy review round-up of this divisive film here

Contender for best film of the year in my list, this absolutely incredible auditory nightmare is an horrific puzzlebox of stunning visuals, piercing sound and disturbing developments.
Review here

Promo-code: GIALLO = $10 tix


Pretentious, maddening and extremely divisive is how I would describe this docu-thriller part fiction, part fact. James Franco, take him or leave him plays himself. Set in the General Hospital era of his career (of course something crazy would come out of this decision) James actor and James serial-killer character begin to blur considerably as night falls. A huge criticism of celebrity and serial.


Since 1996 film director Michal Kosakowski has been asking people with different backgrounds about their murder fantasies. He offered them the chance to stage their fantasies as short films. The only condition was that they had to act in these films themselves, either as victims or perpetrators. More than a decade later, Kosakowski met these people again to ask them about their emotions during their acts of murder or victimization, and interviewed them about current social topics such as revenge, torture, war, terrorism, media, domestic violence, the death penalty, suicide etc. Their replies are juxtaposed with the short films based on these 'non-criminal' fantasies made accessible to viewers. Zero Killed takes the issue one step further: the film deciphers common clichés and patterns of visual violence with the aid of the protagonists' immediate and direct comments. The result is an unconventional hybrid of feature film and documentary that makes viewers question their personal and social positions concerning ethical and moral values and taboos.


Jennifer,daughter of David Lynch heads to India and unravels completely as her new film project spirals out of control. A very candid documentary of cultural clash, extreme misunderstandings and loss of identity, Despite the Gods is an insightful and intelligent look into the mechanisms of film-making.

Review here

When: Thursday 6th September - Sunday 9th September

Where: The Factory Theatre 105 Victoria rd Marrickville
full programme flipbook:
pocket timetable:
twitter: @SUFF_FilmFest

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Tom StoneSeptember 4, 2012 12:50 AM

This is an excellently curated and well run festival, and has been since it's first year. If only Melbourne had something as halfway good as this, besides what the guys at Monster Films are doing.

Joe YoungSeptember 4, 2012 7:43 PM

"If you are a Sydney-sider (hey we can't all be so lucky...)"

No, I´m not that lucky.....besides I rewatched Razorback (1984) so I don´t think I want to go down under. Ever.

"Contender for best film of the year in my list"

I want to see this one, thanks for the list Mr Bellette.

Kwenton BelletteSeptember 4, 2012 7:59 PM

No problem Joe, hope you have a chance to see BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO, it's something else!

Haha I was being a bit sarcastic as I am in Melbourne, a much better city :D

Tom StoneSeptember 5, 2012 3:03 PM

Those pigs are real, Joe.

Joe YoungSeptember 5, 2012 5:27 PM

Mr Bellette, I thought Melbourne was ridden by gangsters, shootouts etc.....are you telling me that(drumroll) Wikipedia lied to me?
Yeah....I hope I get to see BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO....the trailer....I liked it alot.

Joe YoungSeptember 5, 2012 5:28 PM I´m not going to sleep at all.......tonight. Thanks Mr Stone, no really....thanks.

Tom StoneSeptember 5, 2012 10:58 PM

You should follow up with Wolf Creek, The Boys and Ghosts of the Civil Dead with lashings of Wake in Fright.

Razorback is a candy muffin compared to those films.

Joe YoungSeptember 6, 2012 4:57 PM

Well....I was only kidding...Mr Stone...KIDDING!

Yeah...I have seen Wolf Creek, I think I have seen The boys as well.....but not the rest.

Candy muffin perhaps.....but I love creature features....I was very glad when Greg Mclean made Rogue (2007).