Mayhem Is Coming To Nottingham!

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Mayhem Is Coming To Nottingham!
England! Are you looking for another film festival to get your horror on? Consider the Mayhem Film Festival in Nottingham during the Halloween weekend this year. Steven Sheil, director of Mum & Dad and upcoming action horror film Dead Mine, has programmed a winning lineup of festival favorites and events between October 31st and November 4th at the Broadway Cinema. Says Sheil about the lineup:

It includes V/H/S, American Mary, Chained, Grabbers, Manborg plus a special BAFTA screening of Sightseers with Ben Wheatley and Steve Oram and archive screenings of The Shining and Altered States. We've got a good number of other guests coming too, including Joe Ahearne (The Secret of Crickley Hall), Jon Wright (Grabbers), Ian Clark (Guinea Pigs) and Steven Sheil (Dead Mine). 

Other films included The Casebook of Eddie Brewer and Rabies and a shorts program.Then there are sick events like live horror readings on Halloween night. There will be a live experiment in fear by experimental psychologists. And what is touted as the world's most brutal horror quiz: The Flinterrogation.

That sounds like a hell of a good weekend!

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dave_or_didSeptember 20, 2012 3:48 AM

That's some tough competition for Celluloid Screams, which takes place the weekend before and is only an hour or so away from Nottingham over in Sheffield. They're showing a couple of the same films too. I've already booked my Celluloid Screams pass though, so I'll give this one a miss. Maybe next year.

I wasn't a fan of Dead Mine though, which I caught at Cannes. It had its moments and looks slick for a low budget action-horror, but generally was a bit slow and marred by shoddy dialogue and performances.