Lund 2012: Full Lineup Announced And A Special Screening Of VAMPYR!

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Lund 2012: Full Lineup Announced And A Special Screening Of VAMPYR!
Less than two weeks away from the start of the Fantastik Film Festival in Lund, Sweden! And now you can peep the full lineup of films at this year's fest! There are a lot of ScreenAnarchy favorites in this lineup! Resolution. Killer Joe. The Warped Forest. Errors of the Human Body. The Aggression Scale. Manborg! And the proverbial Many, Many More!

And how is this for a kick-ass special event? Lund will be screening Carl Theodor Dreyer's silent film Vampyr with live music from the band Death and Vanilla. We've included a music video from the band to give you an idea how cool their score could be for this event!

LIFFF has in previous years held unique screenings of silent-movies accompanied by

newly created scores at our semi-annual event at the medieval castle Glimmingehus

outside of Lund. This year we are finally bringing this event to Lund and the festival. On

Sunday September 23rd at 7 PM we will present a unique screening of Carl Th. Dreyers

classic silent-movie VAMPYR which will be accompanied by a brand new score composed

by Death And Vanilla. The band will be performing the score live at the screening, which

will be held at Stadsteatern. We are sure that this will be a magical night and one of the

highlights of the festival!

Carl Th. Dreyers Vampyr - An impressionist work of beauty, subdued eroticism and horror, or a spectacular debacle that led its audience to riot?

Danish master Carl Theodor Dreyer is a prominent figure in European art house. Among

his advocates we find Bergman and von Trier. VAMPYR was long considered Dreyer's

weak link, as his contemporaries did not have the patience for quiet half-silent films. The

year was 1932, shortly after Frankenstein and Dracula. Dreyer makes his images obscure,

envelopes his characters in a nightmare world where fiction and reality blend together.

This goes hand in hand with his source of inspiration, J. Sheridan Le Fanu's CAMILLA

(which has also inspired The Moth Diaries). During the last decade, VAMPYR has

achieved a resurrection. Today it is held as a darkly shining example of artistic,

suspenseful horror that doesn't need to be exaggerated in order to sink into the minds of

its audience. It is a film that stays with you.

DEATH AND VANILLA - Crackling recordings of old seances, inexplicably exploding tea


The supernatural is an important factor for Death And Vanilla as aesthetic source material

and methodological starting-point. The Malmö-based duo loves library music, electronic

pioneers and the golden age of analog synths. They play their music on instruments and

amps from the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies, not only in order to recreate the sound and

the atmosphere they love, but also to channel the ghostlike qualities in old spring reverbs

and loose contacts.

Live, Death And Vanilla expands to a five-piece band and the LIFFF audience can expect

an exciting and different experience when Death And Vanilla take on Dreyer's VAMPYR.

Their music always ranges from ethereal to krautrock, but now, for one night, there is also

the added element of chance. Anything can happen.

The final wave of titles for the 2012 edition of Lund Intl. Fantastic Film Festival are:

Claymation from the Breakfast Table
Killer Joe
Elfie Hopkins
The Moth Diaries
Dark Horse
Night of the Living Dead
Le Tableau
Vanishing Waves
Jack & Diane
Sun Don't Shine
The Aggression Scale
Extraordinary Voyage+ Resan
Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal
Game of Werewolves
Violet & Daisy
Baytown Outlaws
The Warped Forest
The Incident
205 - Room of Fear
Vampyr Dreyer med Musik
Tad The Lost Explorer
Ernest & Celestine
The Look Out
Room 237
My Way
Remington & The Curse of the Zombadings
Dead Sushi
Errors of the Human Body
Among Friends

In addition to all the feature films and special screenings LIFF of course screens an

amazing collection of short films.

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JahsoldierSeptember 8, 2012 4:10 AM

"Dead Sushi"

Looking forward to Wither, Killer Joe and the UK Pusher remake. Should be interesting :)