Lock Up Your Loved Ones From The Evil That Is MONSTER FEST!

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Lock Up Your Loved Ones From The Evil That Is MONSTER FEST!

Australia ... prepare to lock up your loved ones for a festival of spills, thrills and chills, this is the midnight madness Melbourne needs, nay deserves! (Note: the following prepared statement may contain a mild amount of hyperbole.)

MONSTER FEST is not your normal film festival. It is "gorgeousness and gorgosity made flesh" - a genre love-in for drooling cinema fiends with a fetish for the fantastic.

What started in November 2011 as the Fantastic Asia Film Festival (FAFF) has miraculously transformed into this larger, more imposing, more aggressive beast called MONSTER FEST. The opportunity to open up FAFF into a monster-sized celebration of genre cinema in all its gruesome glory was just too good an opportunity to miss.

Horror, fantasy, science-fiction, action and erotica from every corner of the globe - premiere screenings, special guests, master-classes, parties, events, short filmmaking competitions and much more... MONSTER FEST proudly pits itself as the ultimate celebration of all that is weird & wonderful in the international cult cinema palette.

Beginning on Halloween night 2012, MONSTER FEST is a partnership between Melbourne's iconic Cinema Nova and Monster Pictures, Australia's most notorious film distributor.

Get ready, cinemaniacs ... MONSTER FEST will light up the city with thrills, spills and chills the likes of which have rarely been seen in Melbourne cinemas ever before...

Monsterfest haunts Melbourne city from 31st October to 9th November, check the program guide here

And check out the beautifully gory trailer below!

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