Exclusive: KING KELLY Trailer Promises Sex, Drugs & Internet Stardom

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Exclusive: KING KELLY Trailer Promises Sex, Drugs & Internet Stardom
Andrew Neel's experimental thriller King Kelly enjoyed its World Premiere at SXSW earlier this year, and recently bagged Best Director and Best Actress awards at PiFan in Korea. It's the story of a wannabe Internet star, King Kelly (Louisa Krause), who performs online stripteases when not running drugs around the city. Things turn sour when Kelly's embittered ex-boyfriend steals her car - together with its trunkful of narcotics - kicking off a riotous 4th of July weekend fuelled with sex, drugs, violence and good ole fashioned hedonism.

Shot entirely on iPhones, King Kelly has been touted as a resonating dissection of Internet Celebrity culture and "Generation Me", and it will screen next month as part of the opening weekend programme at this year's Golden Horse Film Festival in Taiwan  Twitch is proud to host an exclusive of the film's new trailer, which you can check out below.
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  • jeff M.

    pretty visually stunning for camera phones

  • stallionweasel

    Where is the video?

  • AZ7

    filmed on iphones, but did the film get any color correction in post? it looks like low light noise was removed and it got contrast and color adjusted.

  • Only 20% was filmed by iPhone, as I know. And the sound was made as it normally done

  • Sara Polton

    THIS LOOKS AMAZING! I can't wait!

  • Filmed on IPhones, and yet I cannot view it on my IPhone. Curious.

  • Enice

    This looks awesome!!!!!

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