Concept Art And Behind The Scenes Shots From Carlos Gananian's AMFM

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Concept Art And Behind The Scenes Shots From Carlos Gananian's AMFM
It was all the way back in 2006 that Brazilian director Carlos Gananian wowed us with his atmospheric vampire short Akai. A film that demonstrated Gananian's uncommon ability to carry a story almost entirely without dialogue, Akai marked Gananian as a director to keep a very close eye on.

It's been a long wait.

Brazil is not a nation known for supporting genre film and while figures such as Coffin Joe have made a mark around the globe it is often a struggle for young filmmakers, no matter how gifted, to make any sort of progress there whatsoever. Like Dennison Ramalho, who waited through a seven year gap between Love For Mother Only and his stunning latest effort Ninjas and is still trying to mount his debut feature, there has been a lengthy gap between projects for Gananian but he is now in post on a new short film titled AMFM.

Gananian describes the film as a scifi horror, in the vein of Creepy and Eerie with a dose of dark humor running through a story that touches on alien abductions. And while there is no trailer yet you can check out some concept art and behind the scenes stills in the gallery below.
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