UK Film Festivals: GRIMM UP NORTH 2012 First Titles And Early Bird Passes!

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UK Film Festivals: GRIMM UP NORTH 2012 First Titles And Early Bird Passes!
Attention UK ScreenAnarchy readers who like their cinema grim, disgusting and profane: the very wonderful Manchester horror film festival Grimm Up North is back for another year of the best and brightest movies from the darkest corners of the globe. Grimm Up North 2012 runs from 4th-7th October at the Dancehouse Theatre in Manchester. The first three titles to grace the lineup have just been announced - one shot of new blood and two old favourites remastered and re-cut respectively. We get:

Lobos de Arga (aka Game of Werewolves) - Ard gave this new Spanish horror-comedy a solid recommendation for ScreenAnarchy at the Imagine film festival this year. "A cleverly made comedy which features a nice atmosphere, beautiful settings and an army of kick-ass werewolves. What's not to like?"

Basket Case - the premiere of a new hi-def re-release of this renowned cult low-budget oddity from 1982. Marvel at the weirdest bromance ever filmed! You'll fear! You'll squirm! You'll laugh - okay, nervously - when you hear someone ask "What's in the basket?"

Nightbreed: the Cabal Cut - renowned horror author Clive Barker's own film of his novel, Cabal, which originally had an hour of footage cut for its theatrical release and is now screening in a new version restored from two recently discovered original workprints to celebrate the writer's 60th birthday. Cast and crew are scheduled to turn up for Q&As, and Barker himself is set to send a birthday message.

Early bird passes for Grimm Up North 2012 are now on sale at reduced rates for a limited time only, available direct from the festival website only. If you've got early October free and you're in the area I can strongly recommend this one - the Grimmfest crew are some of the nicest people you could hope to meet and their work in supporting genre movies that would otherwise go unseen (definitely unseen in a cinema!) is truly heartwarming. You can see a selection of reviews from last year's lineup on ScreenAnarchy here for an idea of the breadth of films Grimmfest like to screen.

For more news on Grimm Up North 2012 as further films, special guests and partner deals are announced be sure to check out their website.
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