Trailer For Victor Vu's Slick Vietnamese Thriller SCANDAL

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Trailer For Victor Vu's Slick Vietnamese Thriller SCANDAL
Vietnam's Victor Vu is a director who seems to do a little bit of everything. He's done romantic comedy. He's done horror. Earlier this year he released period martial arts piece Blood Letter. And now he's back to what is perhaps his most familiar ground with a slick thriller titled Scandal due for release later this year.

Though the lack of subtitles makes specifics hard to come by it's not hard to get the general picture. You've got showbiz rivals going at one another with a brain injury leaving one to wonder whether it's perhaps all in her head.

Whatever's going on it's a slickly shot, well put together affair. Take a look below.
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Zayda MiearsSeptember 19, 2012 3:59 PM

Looks like a good flick but I think I'll wait for the subtitles before watching it.

Thanh BuiOctober 4, 2012 1:07 AM
Todd BrownOctober 4, 2012 10:52 AM

Ah, and the vendetta on Vu continues. That entire site contains nothing but two articles about Vu. Which - considering it quotes one of the many aliases of the one person who posted a TON of comments about him here on Twitch - was most likely written by the same guy who was ranting about him online everywhere anyone would listen a while back. Who I'm willing to guess is also you.