Olivier Beguin's CHIMERES Looks To Have Some Bite

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Olivier Beguin's CHIMERES Looks To Have Some Bite
Film maker Olivier Beguin first hit my radar with his satirical horror short  Employé du mois, about an employment agency for out-of-work monsters. Starring genre icon and Fulci stalwart Catriona MacColl (The Beyond, Gates Of Hell), the piece was indeed a harbinger of good things to come. Now Mr. Beguin is putting together his first feature, which takes a far more serious turn than his wonderful short.
Aiming for disturbing this time out, Chimeres looks to be artful yet bloody fun.

"Hospitalized after being hit by a car while taking a holiday in Romania with his girlfriend Livia, Alexander must undergo a blood transfusion. On his return, he seems afflicted with a strange disease. With "Chimères, Olivier Beguin takes an intimate approach. He uses the horror to observe the
reactions of a couple to a situation beyond their control. It's a love story. A fantasy that faces reality. A reality where the supernatural triggers the darkest feelings into an infected couple trusting each other."

Beguin has surrounded himself with long time collaborators for this adventure and casts the aforementioned Catriona MacColl, along with Jasna Kohoutova (La vraie vie est ailleurs) and Yannick Rosset (Erwan et plus si affinités). The cast also includes Paulo Dos Santos (10 series) and Ivan Gonzalez (The Divide).

It's my very personal opinion that "horror" has been hitting stagnant for a long time now, yet there are an entire slew of forward thinking genre artists out there struggling for their foothold. The dumbing down of one of film's most malleable genres has been a great big thorn in my side for years now. People like Olivier Beguin are indeed part of the solution. I see a battle between "Hello Kitty" horror and more high minded output these days, and this is where the army of horror fans lurking out there come in.

Most of the film is already shot, with 12 days of action and stunts left to do. Like many fledgling projects, Beguin and the Chimeres crew are indeed turning to crowd funding to help deliver this blood baby. I personally put 5 on it, and have a lot of faith in the future of this emerging director. Check out the trailer below, and you will find a link to the page at the end if you are so inclined.

It's about to get bloody.
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