Oh Yeah Wow Unleashes The Minotaur!

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia
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Oh Yeah Wow Unleashes The Minotaur!
Melbourne, Australia is known for two things. One, The Economist apparently thinks it's the greatest city to live in the world. And two, it's the home base of Oh Yeah Wow. 

Oh Yeah Wow is the brainchild of director Darcy Prendergast, and it's made up of a regular crew of directors, producers and animators. Basically every stop-motion animated short film or music video they make gets into Annecy, which rewards the painstaking effort they seem to pour into everything they do. 

Earlier this year ScreenAnarchy premiered their crazy stop-motion / live action music video for Gotye; and today we have their new clip they did for British India. Darcy co-directed it with Seamus Spilsbury (pictured here). 

Although it features a minotaur wandering crazily through town and country, reminiscent of Daft Punk's man-dog on crutches, this is another foray for the company into live action territory. Increasingly, and mostly through music videos, Oh Yeah Wow has been foraging into live action. While this British India clip loses the animation it has lost none of the awesome. 

My question is after doing the amazing music video Rippled for All India Radio and this one for British India, how soon until they do a video for an actual Indian, say Indira Naidoo, should she decide to release a solo record in the vein of Jacko's I'm An Individual

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