JCVD Is Ready To Fight His Way Back Into BLOODSPORT

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JCVD Is Ready To Fight His Way Back Into BLOODSPORT
While on a recent press tour for The Expendables 2, in which Jean-Claude Van Damme plays Jean Vilain, the not-so-ironically named baddie of the testosterone fueled sequel, the old school action star expressed extreme interest in being involved in the reboot of the franchise that put him on the map.

Website nextmovie.com broke the news about "The Muscles from Brussels" desire to be a part of the up-coming Bloodsport remake, being helmed by director Phillip Noyce (Salt, The Bone Collector, A Clear And Present Danger). Here is what the spin-kicking poster boy for 80's action cheese had to say -

""I want to be in the film as a trainer and I don't think the writer wants [me] to ... he knows that 'Bloodsport' is a big film so he wants to get credit with all of that -- you know what I'm saying? When I did the first 'Bloodsport,it was an independent company and [they] didn't want bankruptcy, so they sold the title all over the place - 2,3,4,5,6 'Bloodsports.' The remake, I would love to be in it.  It's kind of painful, but maybe they'll change their minds. That would be great because I can still kick better than anybody here today."

Hmmm. A martial arts icon vying for a role in the series he helped make a success, or echoes of Sean Young's Catwoman debacle? You be the judge. Personally I would welcome seeing Van Damme step up and take the role of lead character Frank Dux's trainer, and properly pass the torch in this big budget return to the Kumite, the underground martial arts where all bets are off and no participant is safe.

If you need a reminder of the bad-assery that was the original Bloodsport, check below the break for a trailer to the original.

Again, a special shout out to nextmovie.com for breaking the news!

Update: NextMovie has another JCVD story today reporting the script for Double Impact 2 is ready to go. "Hopefully, somebody smart enough, like an agent or a producer, can put that back together," said Van Damme.
"I came up with a great story set in Los Angeles. [Chad] is a producer, making pictures with a big house behind him. Alex is gonna go on vacation and has some problems with the Triads. Why? Because Chad went to Hong Kong and to get some loan money using [Alex's] face, all of that bulls**t. And Alex comes [to Los Angeles] to see Chad and he's full of s**t, has a girl pregnant, and she's the sister of the big boss from South Central. It's like 'Double Impact' in Los Angeles."
More at nextmovie.com.

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