HIGH ON FIRE's Fertile Green Video By Phil Mucci Brings The Bakshi-Like Goodness

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HIGH ON FIRE's Fertile Green Video By Phil Mucci Brings The Bakshi-Like Goodness

It's no secret I am a huge fan of short film/video director Phil Mucci. His narratives The Listening Dead and Far Out remain at the top of my favorites, and his videos for bands such as Korn, Halestorm, and Opeth (whose clip The Devil's Orchard was actually included in the hallowed Fantasia Film Festival this year, a first) have all helped give those acts a solid visual identity.

Now Mucci really brings his current visual style to another level this time around. An unholy mix of color and tone that comes off like Kenneth Anger, Russ Meyer, Mario Bava Richard Corben and Frank Frazetta all hanging out as they to Cheech and Chong and Black Sabbath records. The loose narrative involves the time traveling brother of Jesus Christ, an Oracle made of weed, motorcycles, weird bird-headed sentries, and...oh hell just watch the thing.

This time Mucci works his wizardly and amazingly colorful magic for Oakland based heavy metal gods High On Fire, with the new clip Fertile Green. I, er, highly suggest you crack a cold one, smoke if you got 'em, and crank those speakers up. If you ever loved movies like Heavy Metal, and Wizards, or if you've ever owned a black-light poster, I swear you're going to love this.

Let it be known that this guy is much more than a "metal video" director, a label all too easy to fall into. My prayers and predictions look to come true, as Mr. Mucci is also hard at work in development of his first feature film...but if I told you anymore at this juncture, I'd have to kill you. But rest assured, this is only the beginning for the intensely creative director/writer/animator/freakazoid.

For more of Phil Mucci's work check out his VIMEO PAGE HERE.

Now...rock out...but keep your eyes on the screen!

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Phil MucciAugust 17, 2012 6:39 PM

Thanks man! I'm glad to see all the oral sex has finally paid off; I was worried I was gonna get lock-jaw! Don't worry, your check is in the mail - I promise.

Mr. CavinAugust 17, 2012 6:51 PM

Absolutely glorious. Point to more of this, please.

Joshua ChaplinskyAugust 18, 2012 12:09 AM

Nice! Glad to see this covered here. Kick ass band, excellent video.