Hey, London! Prepare Yourself for Godzilla, King Kong and... MATANGO, THE FUNGUS OF TERROR!

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Hey, London! Prepare Yourself for Godzilla, King Kong and... MATANGO, THE FUNGUS OF TERROR!
In the event of giant radioactive monsters and super-apes attacking an urban center, one thing that someone should absolutely not do in such a crisis is run to their nearest cinema and distract themselves from the utter Armageddon that is taking place right outside that silver screen and velvet curtain (yes, this is a fancy, old-timey cinema). Now, in the event that these giant radioactive monsters and super-apes are battling it out up on the silver screen... well, then, one doesn't have much of a choice other than to head right on down to the cinema and cheer 'em on! And in the case of you London lot, you'll have just the opportunity thanks to our pals at Cigarette Burns Cinema and their partners at Zipangu Fest. Read on, dear readers, for the press release and all the juicy deets!

Cigarette Burns Cinema and Zipangu Fest present a Creature Feature Double
Bill in 35mm and full extra widescreen TohoScope!

Cigarette Burns Cinema is very excited to be teaming up with the UK's favourite
Japanese film festival bursts back into 2012 for a monstrous retro kaiju double
bill collaboration.

On Wednesday August 22nd 2012, horror, sci‐fi and kaiju fans can catch this
unique screening of both King Kong vs. Godzilla and Matango, Fungus of Terror,
both showing in their English language versions, at the Prince Charles Cinema in
Central London.

This double whammy from the legendary director Ishiro Honda, creator of
Godzilla and the mastermind behind some of Japan's most inventive and
memorable apocalyptic visions, will be a unique opportunity to enjoy both films
as they were meant to be seen, on 35mm and in full widescreen TohoScope, on
one of London's biggest screens.

King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962) sees the world's two most monumental movie
monsters go head‐to‐head, slugging it out in their first ever colour widescreen
outing. The film remains the most commercially successful of all the Godzilla
films to date.

Matango, Fungus of Terror (1963), a hallucinogenic horror adapted from the
1907 short story "The Voice in the Night" by the English author William Hope
Hodgson, follows a yacht full of privileged Tokyo‐ites who are forced to face their
primordial selves after they find themselves washed up on deserted tropical
island festooned with clumps of fungus.

This Triple Creature Double Feature programme is sponsored by The Great
Britain Sasakawa Foundation, and will travel to a number of venues around the
UK following its London opening.

For more details, visit

Further information can be obtained by emailing
cigaretteburnscinema@gmail.com or press@zipangufest.com
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Todd BrownAugust 15, 2012 1:56 PM

Matango is such a fun movie ...