Have Your Say: The Hunt For A Modern Horror Classic

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Have Your Say: The Hunt For A Modern Horror Classic
Those who know me a bit here at ScreenAnarchy will not be surprised to hear that I am a bit of a statistics nut: I can be quite happy poring over a sheet of numbers for minutes and see all sorts of funny stuff in them.
Even less surprising is that I like films so I'm a regular visitor of the IMDB stats (and their affiliate Box Office Mojo). In the past I have already linked articles to them when I discussed "best film ever" or "worst animated feature ever". Today I was looking at IMDB's "best horror films" list and I noticed something strange: while films in these lists tend to be considered classics and are often a few years old, for the horror genre this seemed exceedingly to be the case.

"Psycho" (1960) is currently in the lead, but in the top-10 we also see "Faust" (1926), "Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari" (1920) and "Nosferatu" (1922). It's not often that I consider "Alien" , "The Shining" and "John Carpenter's The Thing" to be the new kids on the block, but.. damn!

Moving well down the list, the first post-2000 title I see is "Shaun of the Dead" at number 16. Now I love that film but should it be carrying the banner for horror films in this century so far? And the first truly recent film (and only the second post-2000 one) is the ironic "Cabin in the Woods" at 35. Doubly ironic in this context even because it had been shelved for years.
(Interestingly when you look at the IMDB-list for the ten WORST horror films in history, 7 of them are from after 2000, but I digress...).

What the hell? I know that horror as a genre is generally being slapped around like the unwanted redheaded stepchild of cinema, and I know we've been drowned in insipid remakes and cheap garbage as of late, but surely there must be a truly great recent horror film we can all rally for? One that we can show to snobs and say: this is great recent cinema AND pretty damn scary?

Join the hunt for a modern horror classic! HAVE YOUR SAY!!!
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