FrightFest 2012 Interview: [VIDEO] Eoin Macken & Brian Fortune On THE INSIDE

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FrightFest 2012 Interview: [VIDEO] Eoin Macken & Brian Fortune On THE INSIDE
This year's Film4 FrightFest boasted more movies and more guests than any year in the festival's history, with someone in attendence to represent and discuss almost every film being screened throughout the 5-day horror extravaganza. Besides the in-theatre Q&As, and the frenzy of the Empire Leicester Square's media wall, there were also extended sit down interviews with all the guests as part of FrightFest TV. 

Never one to turn down an opportunity to grab a microphone, jump in front of a camera and discuss movies with those who actually make them, I was thrilled when asked by Phil Newton and Chris Collier to help them out with a FrightFest TV interview. My task was to discuss the low budget Irish thriller The Inside with actor-turned-director Eoin Marken and cast member Brian Fortune, both of whom were delightful fellas, and the results of our brief rendezvous can be viewed below. Do take note, however, that our conversation is rife with spoilers. So if you intend to see the film, it's probably best to bookmark this one and come back to it afterwards.

Once you're done checking out ScreenAnarchy's contribution, be sure to head over to the FrightFest website, where you can watch video interviews with loads of the other great guests from this year's event. Just click the link below. 

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