Beware of Sexy French Girls in Teaser for FROGZ LEGZ

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Beware of Sexy French Girls in Teaser for FROGZ LEGZ
Oh, silly teenage boys. When will you ever learn that the pretty girl, supposedly offering herself to you and your video camera, probably has some ulterior motive? From the horror of Hostel to the crudeness of Amerian Pie, young men have had fantasies of the lovely European girl who will find their inexperience charming and inexplicably sexy. Director Corin Hardy and screenwriter Tom de Ville are here to show you that such dreams might just turn into bizarre nightmares in the teaser for their upcoming film, Frogz Legz.

In the film, a class of English teenagers go on a French exchange to a remote town in Brittany and discover that the inhabitants are all were-frogs, intent on turning them into a new spawn.

Hardy brings some excellent experience in music video direction, including work with The Prodigy and The Horrors, and de Ville's co-written screenplay of The Quiet Ones is currently in production in London. Together with producer Rory Gilmartin from Brilliant Films, they've put together a very clever and hilarious teaser. Labeling it 'Sexy French Girl WTF' on YouTube is a shrewd move. It has already had around 50,000 hits, many of those likely from people expecting ... well, I think we can all guess. With some amazing effects done by Prime Focus, it pokes fun at horror and sex comedy film tropes while still managing to be more than a little scary. It will certainly make you think twice about 'sampling' the local cuisine.
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