Abe Forsythe Calls Ed Hardy's Bluff With PRICK

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia
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Abe Forsythe Calls Ed Hardy's Bluff With PRICK
We all know the type: misogynist douchebag guys decked out in Ed Hardy gear who party hard in packs, fist-bumping at the bar, and bump-grinding up against women as if they owned them -- all while feigning homoeroticism to their mates, and preening themselves in nightclub mirrors. Well, finally they have their own short film. Or short, more appropriately. 

For years Abe Forsythe has been one of the most interesting Aussie filmmakers. He made his debut feature Computer Boy and uploaded it online in 2000, where it gained a rather large cult following. He followed up with the best stoner movie about Ned Kelly (sorry Yahoo Serious). He's also made a stack of hugely popular short films and ads, including Shock, which won Sydney's Tropfest in 2010. 

Rather than take the predictable route into mainstream comedy, Abe has instead chosen to take a sharp L-turn into pitch-dark, skewering comedy territory with this latest short *cough* Prick. While the online debut is modest, I'm hoping some film festivals with savvy programmers pick it up to screen in their shorts' programs. I can only imagine how this would go down with an unsuspecting audience. 
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GAugust 18, 2012 3:31 PM

You're talking about someone from the most bubbled corner of Australian society who doesn't even have an understanding of local colloquialism let alone gay culture.
Your interpretation has more vision than this short does and as someone who knows the people you think this refers to, I can guarantee your version would be the better one.

Joe YoungAugust 18, 2012 5:25 PM

"decked out in Ed Hardy gear who party hard in packs, fist-bumping at the bar"

Yeah...in Sweden we call them stekare, with truckerkeps......hahahhahah....they seem to be everywhere.
Nice short, Freud would have been proud, thanks Mr Stone.

Tom StoneAugust 19, 2012 1:59 AM

Sure, although my interpretation would also add that this has very little do do with 'gay culture', as it doesn't really deal with that at all - unless any homosexual content inherently does, which I'd disagree with (and queer cinema cannot evolve if it has to). This is more a crazy douchebag fantasy land.

GAugust 19, 2012 2:07 PM

Yeah, you're right about it not having much to with gay culture, I'll take that back. Still, if this is meant to be a douchebag fantasy land, Abe clearly hasn't known any. Or any pricks for that matter.
I'm pretty sure anyone in Cronulla would agree that the butt of this joke belongs to more deserving people.

Tom StoneAugust 19, 2012 3:02 PM

I still give Abe more credit. Christiaan Van Vuuren, who is the blonde actor in the film above, hails from Cronulla. Although I would never have said that this idea skewers people from there specifically.

From where I'm sitting it seems a pretty accurate depiction of a 'type' - maybe I'm also out of touch? I'd suggest we have different experiences, and also that a view from outside (as in all cinema: eg. directors that make movies about gangsters) is usually drawn broader and with more caricatures than an insider's take on same. I think it's unfair and boring to watch movies with a fine-tooth comb in hand. Imagine what American cinema would have been like if all the Old West movies had to be like Blood Meridian, probably far closer to what it was like, instead of the romanticized mythology that we got.

GAugust 20, 2012 2:17 PM

I'd argue it takes a former outsider's perspective, but maybe we've all just had completely different experiences that have given us completely different perspectives of what's typical and what isn't.