It's Scott Pilgrim vs The Trolls In SICK!

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It's Scott Pilgrim vs The Trolls In SICK!
Ever wanted to know what Scott Pilgrim vs The World would have been like if it was a laid back movie; if the plotting wasn't overwrought and the characters weren't blasé creations that clearly worked better in comic book form? 

Now for the Scott Pilgrim fans: ever wanted to see a bunch of Australians kick ass in a heightened martial arts reality, while singing songs inspired by David Bowie? 

Who have I missed? Ever wanted to see a heartfelt romance set inside a hospital ward, as one man battles to overcome a ravaging virus while wooing the girl of his dreams? Okay, now even the Love in the Time of Cholera fans are listening... 

These three descriptions combined are the perfect way to describe the curious and awesome genre mash-up that is Sick! a one-hour TV show pilot that aired on MTV Australia earlier this year and has just been released online by its creators. Sick! is the brainchild of brothers Christiaan and Connor Van Vuuren, and is based on Christiaan's real life experience in quarantine (after he was diagnosed with tuberculosis) and the worlds into which he escaped online. In real life Christiaan launched a series of viral music videos which ultimately culminated in his involvement in Ridley Scott's Life in a Day project. In putting this show together, the Van Vuurens clearly embraced the screenwriting mantra of "write what you know". 

As it's a TV show, the online world is visualized in a series of hilarious ways -- for example YouTube is basically a bar with familiar acts performing on stage, while commenters (and trolls) randomly yell shit out from the audience. They've also created their own version of World of Warcraft, filled with with true-to-gaming details used to hilarious effect ("strafe, brother, strafe!"). 

The first three (of nine) parts are below. YouTube has the rest. It only runs for an hour and is totally worth your time. It's a strange combination, especially with the musical stuff, but the guys manage to pull it off. It works both as a pilot to a (hopefully forthcoming) series and as a stand alone story. Check it out below! 
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DJ 808July 28, 2012 7:47 PM

This was incredibly entertaining! Excellent share thanks :)

Tom StoneJuly 29, 2012 12:54 AM

It really is very good isn't it. I've watched it three times. It hooks you in pretty quick, and seems to be done so effortlessly. If you like this then it's worth checking out their YouTube channel -- lots of content.