Kiyoshi Kurosawa Returns To The Director's Chair With RIARU KANZEN NARU KUBINAGARYU NO HI

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Kiyoshi Kurosawa Returns To The Director's Chair With RIARU KANZEN NARU KUBINAGARYU NO HI
It has been four long years since Japan's Kiyoshi Kurosawa last graced theater screens. Four years since the director of Cure and Pulse had a feature to his name. If you want an example of just how dramatically the focus of the Japanese industry has shifted in recent years away from original material to focus purely on feature episodes of television series backed by the major broadcasters and film versions of popular manga knocked out as cheaply as possible, then Kurosawa is a prime place to look.

A long time leader of Japan's industry and one of the most critically acclaimed directors of recent years, Kurosawa has a rare ability to bridge commercial and arthouse cinema. Cure is the most obvious example, of course, but Bright Future and Pulse pulled off the same trick. Kurosawa's most recent feature - 2008's Tokyo Sonata - screened to much love in Cannes, after which you would think it would be simple for him to do whatever he wanted next. You'd be wrong. Since Tokyo Sonata Kurosawa's sole credit is a single episode of television. It's not that he hasn't been trying to get films made - there were rumblings he was developing a creature feature at one point - they just, well, haven't been made.

But he's back now, currently in production on a new feature titled Riaru Kanzen Naru Kubinagaryu no Hi. Adapted from the novel by Rokuro Inui the picture stars Takeru Sato, Haruka Ayase and Kurosawa veteran Joe Odagiri. The AsianWiki describes the plot like this:

Koichi (Takeru Sato) & Atsumi (Haruka Ayase) have been friends since their childhood days and they eventually became lovers. About one year ago, Atsumi attempted to commit suicide and fell into a coma afterwards. Koich, desperate to know why Atsumi attempted suicide, takes part in a new medical procedure that involves the central nervous system. Koichi will enter the subconscious mind of Atsumi through the medical procedure.

When Koichi enters the subconscious mind of Atsumi, shes asks Koichi to find a picture she drew a long time ago.

In production now the film is targeting a summer 2013 release.
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sabbathJuly 18, 2012 9:56 AM

Great news! The title can be literally translated as "A Real Perfect Day for Plesiosaur."

Todd BrownJuly 18, 2012 10:29 AM

Thanks! I was wondering about that but Google translate won't do romanizations and I couldn't find the Japanese text ...