Comedian + Idea = Greenlight. Jim Jefferies' FX Show Airs January

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia
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Comedian + Idea = Greenlight. Jim Jefferies' FX Show Airs January
Apparently if you are a stand-up comic with an idea you get a show. How's that for maths: comedian + idea = greenlight. 

That's the only sense I can make from the recent news that Australian stand up Jim Jefferies will have a 13-episode show premiere on FX in January 2013. 

Clearly much bigger overseas than he is in Australia (I've only recently heard of the guy), Jefferies is making the most of the success of Louie. As no doubt FX is, looking for the next thing that will grab them ratings. By backing a guy like Jefferies, FX seem to be going for the same offensive jugular that Louis C.K. does so well, although I haven't yet seen any of the heart in Jefferies' own stand up that makes Louie such a treat to watch. 

Called Legit (yep, five letters, starts with 'L'. FX are aping the Louie formula to a tee), the new show is about a comedian, "Jim" (Jefferies) and his misguided attempts to become legitimate in life. He is encouraged in his quest by his best friend "Steve" (Dan Bakkedahl), and Steve's brother "Billy" (D.J. Qualls). 

This is the sort of news that makes me cry like an onion. While every so often the US networks pick up a Wilfred or something else just as inspired, most of the time they make these sorts of choices, although I guess they can only choose from the field that's presented to them. Me, I'm gonna lie back and imagine that Aussie heavy-metal drummer turned comedian Steve Hughes is writing a show, a cross between Spinal Tap and Peep Show
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CashBaileyJuly 29, 2012 6:53 AM

At first you could assume Jefferies was just a drunken lout who swears and tells rude stories. But he has some very smart comedy under the slurring and four-letter words.

Also, his podcast with Eddie Ifft, 'Jim and Eddie Talking Shit', is funny as hell. It's often far more vile than any of his stand-up.

Tom StoneJuly 29, 2012 9:17 AM

Thanks, will check it out. I didn't get the drunken lout vibe from his stand up, just lots of easy-as jokes about sex and religion, which didn't seem to be delivered with anything greater than snide schoolyard sophistication.

Kurt HalfyardJuly 29, 2012 7:01 PM

Having just watched Jeffries' UK special on the weekend, he is vulgar and crude and a little off base some times, but he is also pretty sharp on the religion/atheism stuff, and the story of him trying to get his best friends brother (who suffers from MS) actually has moments of quiet dignity in it. I certainly enjoyed myself during the show and didn't feel guilty afterwards.