Watch Knife Fight Clip From Eric Jacobus' Actioner DEATH GRIP

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Watch Knife Fight Clip From Eric Jacobus' Actioner DEATH GRIP
With the theatrical premiere for the indie martial arts action flick Death Grip just a few weeks away, director/writer/lead actor Eric Jacobus has posted a knife fight scene on his youtube channel.  No BS shaky cam, rapid editing or close-up shots.  Its just two deadly guys going at it in full speed, fighting continuously through a long complex series of steps while being shot in a single take. This is an exciting piece of ass-kicking.
In an effort to set his life straight, lowly caterer Kenny Zemacus regains custody of his autistic brother Mark after 15 years estrangement since their mother's death. When Kenny reluctantly brings Mark on a museum catering gig, Mark unwittingly entangles them in a dangerous heist involving the museum's mysterious showpiece -- the silver Coin of Judas -- and a murderous satanic cult. The two brothers are propelled into the cult's demonic world and forced to face the depths of their own dark past.
The theatrical premiere is on June 30th at Historic Bal Theatre in San Leandro, California and the DVD/Blu-Ray release will go on sale at the same time. You'll find the clip embedded below.
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Joe YoungJune 16, 2012 11:54 AM

Looked very impressive.....despite a lowbudget....