THE WALKING DEAD's The Governor Revealed!

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THE WALKING DEAD's The Governor Revealed!
Today the first picture of David Morrissey in bad-ass mode as The Governor was revealed. The Governor aka Phillip Blake is of course the sadistic bastard in The Walking Dead  comics who leads the community of survivors known as Woodbury. At first Woodbury seems idealistic, until it comes to light that The Governor has some very nasty, er, skeletons in his closet.

Fans of the graphic series have been waiting for the television adaption to get to this point, and it looks like season 3 may be pay off time.  The last half of season 2 was insanely kick ass in my opinion, and if that quality holds true with these new installments, The Walking Dead may indeed truly live up to it's potential to become THE big daddy of modern zombie mythos. Now, with the production of World War Z in obvious turmoil, it looks like the hit AMC television series may remain King of the Undead for modern-minded zomboids.

David Morrisey is another UK actor coming over to play an American. Seen in the Red Rider triptych and featured in the upcoming The Return of Captain Nemo, it looks like Morrissey is going to become a familiar face to genre fans over the next season of releases eh? I can just see Morrissey and fellow countrymen Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and Lauren Cohen (Maggie Greene) munching on big bowls of Haggis during lunch break.

FX legend/actor/stuntman Tom Savini had been campaigning for the role apparently, which might have been a neat bit of stunt casting, but in all honesty I don't think ole Tom has the thespian chops to keep up. He's a little hammy even for something as broad as The Walking Dead which tries it's damnedest to stay rooted in reality.

For the uber Walking Dead nerd, you can go HERE for commentary tracks for season 2 from myself,director Phil Mucci, and splatterpunk horror author and the father of the zombie lit craze, John Skipp.

Also, remember that July 7-8 is the AMC The Walking Dead marathon. 19-episodes of gut munching goodness.
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