Shinsedai 2012: Hey Toronto! Win Tickets To See ZERO MAN vs. THE HALF VIRGIN!

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Shinsedai 2012: Hey Toronto! Win Tickets To See ZERO MAN vs. THE HALF VIRGIN!
[WINNERS!!! Congrats to Eriko Szabo, Alex Cross and Vishnu Singh! They've won a double pass to the July 13th screening of Sakichi Sato's ZERO MAN vs. THE HALF VIRGIN! Festival organizers know who you are and will have your passes at the door!]

We are very pleased to offering to our readers here in Toronto 3 double passes for the July 13th screening of Sakichi Sato's Zero Man vs. The Half Virgin during the Shinsedai Cinema Festival from July 12th to 15th. Sato will be in attendance for the screening at the Revue Cinema! The screening will be presented by the find lads at  Eyesore Cinema.

Imagine starting your day without knowing who you are. That's what happens to Sakuragi, a low level beat cop. If having total amnesia wasn't bad enough Sakuragi soon discovers that he has an odd ability: when he's sexually aroused he can see numbers, not just on his own forehead, but on the heads of everyone around him. What do these numbers mean? And more importantly, will anyone get upset that he has to shove his hands down his pants to make them appear?

Soon Sakuragi works out a theory of what is going on - the numbers must signify the number of sexual partners that each person has. His fellow cop has three on his forehead, and the strange foreigner who visits the police box has an astounding 55! This would explain the zero on Sakuragi's forehead. He's a virgin. And it would also explain why he's drawn to a mysterious young woman with 0.5 emblazoned on her head. Maybe there's a future between him and this Half Virgin... or maybe Sakuragi's theory is totally wrong and the numbers reveal a much more terrible secret.

Zero Man vs. The Half Virgin is a hilarious, naughty and surreal comedy from the man who penned the script for two of Japan's biggest cult hits: Takashi Miike's Ichi the Killer and Gozu.

Entering the contest is easy. Simply head on over to the Twitch Facebook page and write the post 'I wish I was still a Half Virgin'. Three winners will chosen at random from all who enter. Contest ends next Thursday, June 14th at 12pm EST. 

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ErikaJune 24, 2012 12:53 AM

Hey, the name is actually Erika Szabo, not Eriko. Thank you so much for the tickets! :)