Exclusive: SORORAL Music Track and Artwork

Contributing Writer; Sydney, Australia (@HugoOzman)
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Exclusive: SORORAL Music Track and Artwork
With the recording of the final components of its score, Australia's first neo-giallo feature Sororal is now one step closer to completion. Director Sam Barrett has again collaborated with composer Christopher de Groot, who composed the score for Barrett's previous film Esoterica

"Christopher is one of the most exciting and fearless composers on the indie scene", says Barrett. "Musical score is the heartbeat of the giallo film, no doubt. Christopher has gone beyond that idea and created a truly ambitious and surprising score. There are 35 tracks in total and next to no repetition. There's everything from terror to tenderness. It's a staggering achievement."

De Groot saw Sororal as an excellent opportunity for a bold, but diverse soundtrack. "The hallmarks of the classic giallo scores are all there but I've also really relished the chance to add some choral elements to Sororal."

For the final recording session, the Sororal choir recorded at St Paul's Catholic Church in Perth last week. Now, the creative team at Nakatomi Pictures has given ScreenAnarchy an exclusive sample of the score - a track called 'The Painter', accompanied by new artwork featuring the main cast. 

For further information, visit the Sororal Facebook page
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corpseypJune 26, 2012 7:01 AM

Song sounds great movie sounds promising. Hopefully its not too derivative of Amer (even though Amer is friggin awesome). Not enough consistent decent Aussie horror around so fingers crossed. Will this be showing at MIFF? Still no entry for this movie on IMDB?

Hugo OzmanJune 26, 2012 11:16 AM

Thanks, corpseyp. It's certainly promising. Regarding your questions, I have asked the producer and director to see if they can answer them. So expect a reply soon!

Sam BarrettJune 26, 2012 9:32 PM

Hi corpseyp, I totally agree that Aussie horror can be a bit of a basket case at times, here’s hoping we’ve got the goods like Black Water and Lake Mungo. We love Amer also and I can say that yes, both films experiment with the giallo aesthetic but that’s where the similarities end. Giallo is so broad in scope that there are countless ways to approach the material. Masks is another neo-giallo from Germany and that too is wildly different in terms of story and tone. Someone needs to do a triple bill with Amer, Sororal and Masks, a night of international neo-giallo madness! No MIFF for us this year as we’re still applying the finishing touches. One IMDB page comin’ up.

Hugo OzmanJune 26, 2012 11:42 PM

Thank you Sam for answering corpseyp's questions. Looking forward to seeing your film!