Daddy Gets Cross in Retro British Exploitation Shorts

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Daddy Gets Cross in Retro British Exploitation Shorts
Last year, the folks behind the cult Canadian horror hit Hobo with a Shotgun held a contest for the best fake trailers, the winner of which would be included on the film's DVD. While not all could win, it certainly spawned a huge number of amazing shorts. One of them was the winner of the UK HWAS competition, Daddy Cross, created by Evrim Ersoy, James Pearcey and Russell Would (the latter two being the minds behind the disturbing short To My Mother & Father,) who are now expanding the trailer into a series of shorts.

The Brits are often forgotten in the history of exploitation cinema (which focuses on American and mainland European work, such as Roger Corman and Jess Franco,) but directors such as Stanley Long, Pete Walker and Lindsay Shonteff, and films such as Witchfinder GeneralHouse of Whipcord and Devil Doll made their mark in the genre. Filmmaking activities in the 1960s and 70s centered around the Soho area of London, centre of vice and sin (actually, that hasn't changed much.)

The Daddy Cross series is a fantastic tribute to this era of filmmaking, set in the same place and style, and with the same gruesome horror and sexual content. From the press release:

During a recent Vice raid to a Soho sex den, found in a box alongside a number of reels of stag films was this 'teaser' for a series of vignettes from 1976 for 'Daddy Cross'. These other reels are being extensively watched and traced to see whether any footage of the 'vignettes' survives. Experts claim that these shorts would have played in front of similarly themed British exploitation films as support in order to increase public interest.

Inspired by the project, there are plans for a series of 10 vignettes based on the 10 commandments. In a stroke of cult film genius, the great British horror director Norman J. Warren (Satan's Slave, Inseminoid) is narrating the commandments. The first two have been completed, and there is a Sponsume campaign to raise funds to complete the remaining episodes. You can watch the first two below; they are a mix of a blast from the gruesomely delicious past and contemporary inventiveness.

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