Blu-ray/DVD Details For Autonomy Pictures THE BUNNY GAME Are Here

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Blu-ray/DVD Details For Autonomy Pictures THE BUNNY GAME Are Here
Adam Rehmeier's The Bunny Game gained notoriety last fall by being one of the recent victims of a BBFC ban. The film was refused certification by the board, who called it, "unacceptable to the public".

While the film remains unreleasable in the UK, fledgling US distributor Autonomy Pictures have decided to make this their first foray into the home video market. Autonomy Pictures is made up of three home video veterans with lots of experience in controversial films. Lewis Tice of Danger After Dark, David Gregory of Severin Films, and Derek Curl of TLA Releasing, have gotten into the home video game in an interesting way here, and I wish them the best. Here's some more info about The Bunny Game and Autonomy Pictures:
Producer Derek Curl (TLA Releasing/ THE INNKEEPERS, STAKE LAND) announces the launch of the new label, AUTONOMY PICTURES, a filmmaker-driven company dedicated to producing and distributing boundary-pushing, uncompromising cinema on a worldwide scale.  The company, spearheaded by Curl, David Gregory (Severin Films/ filmmaker: PLAGUE TOWN, THE THEATRE BIZARRE) and Lewis Tice (Danger After Dark)  has acquired all U.S. rights to Adam Rehmeier¹s THE BUNNY GAME, a shockingly explicit cinematic experience about the abduction of a prostitute and the terror she is subjected to at the hands of her captive. Featuring a fearless performance by actress Rodleen Getsic, who also co-wrote the film with Rehmeir, based on her own experiences, THE BUNNY GAME was recently banned in the UK  but will be released in the US uncut in July 2012.

"THE BUNNY GAME is the last word on the 'torture-porn' sub-genre," says Derek Curl, President of Autonomy Pictures. "I was shocked by its audacity and the raw honesty that it depicted, making me question our collective enjoyment of extreme violence in cinema.  At Autonomy Pictures we are not afraid to release such a film, which will undoubtedly inspire heated reaction, because it will allow audiences to make up their own minds."

The deal was finalized at SXSW 2012, negotiated by Derek Curl for Autonomy Pictures and for the filmmakers by Julian Richards of Jinga Films.

"It's great to see the launch of the new genre label Autonomy Pictures" says Richards. " And I think that the acquisition of Adam Rehmeier's uber-controversial THE BUNNY GAME is a bold statement of intent".
The Bunny Game comes to video July 17th.
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arturoJune 2, 2012 7:58 AM

I wonder if the Blu-Ray+DVD combo will play in U.K region? (region 2) i hate the BBFC telling me what i can't see...Let me make up my own mind..