A Crook. A Cop. A Body Swap. They're COPPOSITES!

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A Crook. A Cop. A Body Swap. They're COPPOSITES!
the body swap comedy. It's one of the most bizarrely resilient sub-genres in film history. They're all basically the same and yet they pop up over and over again around the world, presumably because they give their stars a chance to show off a little. Or, in the case of upcoming South African effort Copposites, a chance to show off a lot. 'Subtlety' was clearly not a word use much on set for this one.

Sharky Majola is an ex-con forced into one last job to steal a top secret DNA altering formula. Standing in his way is Jan Venter a disgruntled ex-cop turned security guard. When Venter catches Sharky mid break-in, both men are exposed to the mysterious formula that switches them into each other's bodies.

Realising that the formula must have somehow switched them, 'Black' Venter and 'White' Sharky have to set aside their differences and team up to track down the one last remaining vial of formula.

On the run from the cops and the crooks, they will have to assume each other's identity until they can swap themselves back to normal. However, working together could prove hazardous to their health.
The trailer lurks below.

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