Post-Apocalypse Envisioned by Abrams & Favreau in Trailer for REVOLUTION

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Post-Apocalypse Envisioned by Abrams & Favreau in Trailer for REVOLUTION
A friend of mine in Spain has a plan for the apocalypse that involves learning how to ride a horse and living off the land in the Galician countryside. Well, a particular kind of apocalypse, in which a solar flare knocks out all the electricity in the world, plunging us into a pre-19th century civilization. Certainly, it's a good kind of plan to have, given how much we rely upon electricity for, well, everything. And this is the premise behind J.J. Abrams and Jon Favreau's new television show, Revolution. The show is co-produced by Abrams, with Eric Kripke serving as co-producer and writer, and Favreau directed the pilot.

The premise of the show pushes the 'no electricity' to the limit: everything, including batteries and generators, suddenly stop working for no apparent reason. Cars stop in the middle of the road, planes fall from the sky, and all communication that relies on electricity is impossible. Of course, today we also rely on electricity for agriculture, so society reverts back to a pre-indistrial state, with smaller communities, human (and presumably animal) powered farming, and arguably a simpler way of life. Of course, this being television, it can't be that simple, so there are militias and factions. One such militia, headed by appropriately-mean-looking Captain Neville, comes to one such village and kills Ben, who may have had something to do with the lights going out. His son is taken by the Captain, and his daughter and friend head to Chicago in search of him.

The trailer and clips from the pilot are pretty solid, and the team have made great efforts to create a convincing vision of just what such a world would look like and how day-to-day life would play out. The minds behind this made their names in television shows and films such as Alias, LostSupernatural and Ironman, so chances are there will be attention to the fantastic, dark forces both human and maybe otherwise, and a few ass-kicking women. Given that this is American television, it's understandable, if a little annoying, that everyone looks just a little too clean and well-kept, but it might be different in further episodes. I love a good post-apocalypse story, and while the reversion-to-the-agrarian is not new, hopefully NBC will give it a chance to develop. Below are the trailer and a few clips. The show will air in the fall.

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electricheadMay 15, 2012 11:40 AM

What would happen to the reactors in nuclear power plants if this were to happen? Would the Earth still be ok after that many reactors going critical?

Kurt HalfyardMay 15, 2012 12:05 PM

Looks very high-gloss TV, everyone looks groomed and healthy and posing for the camera.

MartenMay 15, 2012 9:38 PM

And that's why I gave up on most American Primetime TV dramas. All authenticity is chucked out the window when 90% of the cast looks like they were recruited from modeling agencies and are still hitting the tanning beds.