SKY BLUE Director Boards 3D EMPIRE OF THE ANTS Animation

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SKY BLUE Director Boards 3D EMPIRE OF THE ANTS Animation
Korean production house Mirovision has been screening its first promotional trailers for Empire of the Ants, a $25 million 3D adaptation of Bernard Webber's popular sci-fi novel, to buyers at the Cannes film market. The book is the first installment of a trilogy so one could imagine that Mirovision is hoping to jumpstart a new franchise. Kim Moon-saeng, who hasn't made a feature since his 2003 Korean anime Sky Blue, is attached to direct the English-language project which will be adapted by Kim Sae-jung.

Here's the publisher's synopsis of the book (via Barnes and Noble):

Jonathan Wells and his young family have come to the Paris flat at 3, rue des Sybarites through the bequest of his eccentric late uncle Edmond. Inheriting the dusty apartment, the Wells family are left with only one warning: Never go down into the cellar.

But when the family dog disappears down the basement steps, Jonathan follows--and soon his wife, his son, and various would-be rescuers vanish into its mysterious depths.

Meanwhile, in a pine stump in a nearby park, a vast civilization is in turmoil. Here a young female from the russet ant nation of Bel-o-kan learns that a strange new weapon has been killing off her comrades. To find out why, she enlists the help of a warrior ant, and the two set off on separate journeys into a harsh and violent world. It is a world where death takes many forms--savage birds and voracious lizards, warlike dwarf ants and rapacious termites, poisonous beetles and, most bizarre of all, the swift, murderous, giant guardians of the edge of the world: cars.

Sounds like a lot of fun that should suit an animated adaptation and particularly Kim's very visual style. Check out the early poster above which was snapped by ScreenAnarchy's very own Todd Brown earlier today at Cannes.

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