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I have no idea if the filmmakers responsible for upcoming horror comedy You Can't Kill Stephen King were aware that they were making a bad movie. I really don't. But the guys who cut the trailer? Oh, they knew exactly what they had on their hands and they've had a whole lot of fun with it.

A group of friends make a clueless and ill-fated decision to visit the lake where horror author Stephen King lives. Upon arrival, they are greeted by unfriendly townspeople who hate noise and tom-foolery almost as much as they hate uninvited guests and questions about their most famous resident. As dead bodies begin to mount, one thing becomes clear: all the killings are straight out of Stephen King novels.  Facing imminent death, the remaining friends must piece together the clues and save themselves before their own Stephen King nightmare is written.

Stephen would be proud, I'm sure. Check the trailer below.
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  • Will

    Wow what a great trailer! It's a shame the movie doesn't look to have any of that wit.

  • MarsHottentot

    Any of my fellow Americans remember the guy who drove a 'conspiracy' van around that claimed Stephen King shot John Lennon? I lived in Maine for years and used to see him all the time - then later in my thirties I saw him here in Atlanta.

    Of course! Dude has a website! Enjoy!

  • mightyjoeyoung

    Very funny trailer......"Remember Kids, YOU CAN'T KILL STEPHEN KING"...well...I remember a minivan that came close a couple of years ago.....

  • But it failed! FAILED!

  • mightyjoeyoung

    Yeah....but one day at a scrapyard close to Kings home.....a roar, sudden flash of headlights...hahahhahahha....just like Christine (1983), Mr Brown.

    "Body by Plymouth. Soul by Satan."

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