Full Trailer For Mika Ninagawa's HELTER SKELTER

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Full Trailer For Mika Ninagawa's HELTER SKELTER
Photographer turned director Mika Ninagawa turned heads around the world with her 2006 debut feature, the ultra colorful Sakuran. Ninagawa's debut immediately established her as one of Japan's brightest visual talents and fans were excited to see what she would do next. They've had to wait over five years to find out.

Ninagawa returns in 2012 with Helter Skelter, a film adapted from a popular manga about a young starlet who turns to ever increasing levels of plastic surgery to maintain her impossible image. To star Ninagawa has turned to Erika Sawajiri, a young woman whose dramatic rise and fall from grace - her career crashed dramatically in 2007 - is a mirror of the her character in the film.

The first full trailer for the film has just arrived - following a previous teaser - and, yes, it is clearly Ninagawa in full effect - the art direction and colorful palette that made Sakuran stand out so dramatically very much present here as well. Check it out below.
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huffy08May 14, 2012 8:14 AM

Huge fan of the manga but I'm not feeling this at all. The garish colors kind of work but the feel and the cinematography aren't at all what I imagined the manga would look like on film.

Niels MatthijsMay 14, 2012 11:42 AM

Loving it already, films like these are what Japanese cinema needs the most right now. Who cares if it's faithful to the manga, at least the director's signature style is coming through.