EXCLUSIVE: SORORAL Teaser Art Injects With Giallo Style

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EXCLUSIVE: SORORAL Teaser Art Injects With Giallo Style
The upcoming thriller Sororal will be the first Australian film to pay homage to giallo, according to the creative team at Nakatomi Pictures. Giallo is of course the Italian sexy crime suspense / horror subgenre that features lurid colors, lots of blood as well as interesting musical arrangements, and was made popular by directors like Mario Bava, Dario Argento and Sergio Martino in the 1960s and 70s. 

"I am absolutely in love with the unmistakable, pop art-infused look of giallo. Sororal owes a huge debt to Suspiria and Blood and Black Lace", says director Sam Barrett. "We were really drawn to giallo's striking colour palette - bold reds and yellows, vivid greens and purples. The heightened colour palette really transports you to a different world; a dangerous and psychedelic realm where anything is possible. Rabid giallo fans will not be disappointed. This film is a celebration of this wonderfully imaginative and under-appreciated genre."

Synopsis: A heady whirlwind of genetic experimentation, mind control, telekinetic power struggles and twisted art revolve around Sororal's heroine, Cassie, a troubled artist who tries to make sense of her vivid, violent dreams by committing her visions to canvas. 

Sororal features a cast of mostly local talents, including Amanda Woodhams (as the lead) and Nicola Bartlett (Little Sparrows). It is currently in the final stages of post-production. 

Embedded below is a snippet of an electronic section of the film's score. 
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