The 28th IMAGINE FILM FESTIVAL is open for business!

Associate Editor, Features; Rotterdam, The Netherlands (@ardvark23)
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The 28th IMAGINE FILM FESTIVAL is open for business!
(UPDATE: ticket sales has started!)
Amsterdam's very own annual genre festival returns from the 17th till the 28th of April, and you can find a partial full line-up here (yes, this sentence is a link)!
The list looks very yummy. Here is a selection:

A Letter To Momo
A Lonely Place to Die
Beyond the Black Rainbow
Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below
The Corridor
The Divide
Juan of the Dead
Let's Go!
The Raid (no redemption needed as this is Europe)
The Raven
Scabbard Samurai
The Woman

Bloomin' heck, that is literally one hell of a line-up! Also worthy of notice: Jim Cornish will be giving a masterclass on storyboarding. And during the festival, the annual horror-marathon called "The Night of Terror" this year features both "[Rec]3" and "Cabin in the Woods". Wow!

Check out the growing full catalogue (here), and maybe I'll be seeing you in Amsterdam in a few weeks.

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