Super Slick Teaser For Korean Heist Flick THE THIEVES

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Super Slick Teaser For Korean Heist Flick THE THIEVES
Korea's Choi Dong-hoon proved beyond any doubt that he could turn out slick crime flicks with the best of them when he released Tazza: The High Rollers in 2006. But just in case you need a reminder he's back now with The Thieves.

A country-hopping heist flick that features a gang of Korean criminals hitting a casino in Macau the cast features My Sassy Girl lead Jeon Ji-hyun (aka Gianna Jun) and Hong Kong star Simon Yam.

Comparisons to Oceans Eleven began as soon as the concept of this one was announced and the just released teaser isn't going to discourage that one bit. Choi is aiming for pure big screen entertainment here and it looks like he's hitting his mark dead on.
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