SIREN VISUAL Australia Continues Amazingly Diverse Anime Lineup

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia (@Kwenton)
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SIREN VISUAL Australia Continues Amazingly Diverse Anime Lineup
Just announced on Siren Visual's website ( and Facebook are two excellent new additions coming out in July and August to add to their already impressive canon of anime greats and oddities.

Firstly the always exciting and absolutely cutting edge Noitamina range continues with the most bizarre sounding title of its ilk yet, and trust me, that in itself is a real feat!


Another in our noitaminA range, this short historical comedy series comes with extra weird-sauce. A time travelling Roman architect stuck for ideas ends up in a modern-day Japanese bath-house and learns a lot about male hygiene. Better believe it!

Totally obscure and oddball in practically every sense, Thermae Romae is another exclusive Region 4-only noitaminA release from Siren and will be released along with a slew of extras in July.

Like your anime with plenty of twisted horror? Loved When They Cry and want more to satiate your needs further? Well this is definitely for you!


We're releasing Part 1 of Shiki in August.

Looking for a sinister series ala Higurashi? This one will ease your rural horror itch. More twisted than a broken slinky, Shiki is set to blow this year's dual-language anime releases into the ether. Yes, it'll have a dub. We've managed to secure this one on Blu-ray, too.

I say keep up the fantastic work Siren Visual. Not sure who they are? Check just some of the reviews below from the great Ard Vijn and yours truly.

Usagi Drop - Ard

When They Cry - Me

Dennou Coil Part 2- Ard

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