¡Los Españoles! The Atlantida International Film Festival has Arrived at an Internet Connection Near you!

Associate Editor; Madrid, Spain (@bonnequin)
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¡Los Españoles! The Atlantida International Film Festival has Arrived at an Internet Connection Near you!
While the atmosphere of film festivals make them wonderful events to attend, not everyone has the money or time to do so. Online film festivals are becoming more common, and in this era of wider internet availability and quality of media, they are a great alternative for those who miss out on films that frequently are not released in their country. For our readers in Spain, Filmin (an online movie viewing site) is presenting the second edition of the Atlantida Film Festival. Featuring national and international cinema, the theme this year is the 'Lost Generation', particularly fitting for Spain (which currently has incredibly high unemployment, especially among under-30s), and the film offerings cover a wide range of perspectives.

Some notable titles in the official selection (films from Spain and Spanish-language countries) include Las Marimbas del Infierno from Guatemala, a tale of musical fusion of heavy metal and traditional song; Bolivia's Zona Sur, a haunting tale of the decline of the Bolivian bourgeousie; and De Amor y Otros Demonios, a co-production adaptation of a Gabriel García Márquez work, intimate and provocative.

There are some amazing international titles featured as well. Yorgos Lanthimos' Alps, Ed Gass-Donnelly's Small Town Murder Songs, Richard Ayoade's Submarine and Evan Glodell's Bellflower have received great notice on ScreenAnarchy pages and from other critics. As well, there is the follow-up to the amazing Irish music film Once, The Swell Season, and Ulrich Köhler's Sleeping Sickness, which won the Best Director award at Berlinale this past February.

At €15 for all 26 films, it's an incredible bargain. It is only available in Spain, but other countries and regions can take note of the presentation and success of the event. Online festivals are a viable option to waiting for a DVD that might never appear, or travel that might be beyond one's reach.
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