Jason Statham Says No To FAST SIX

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Jason Statham Says No To FAST SIX
It seemed like a match made in heaven but sometimes relationships are hard and this one just isn't working out.

Back in October ScreenAnarchy broke word that Universal was looking into shooting the sixth and seventh entries in the Fast And The Furious in Europe and that they had approached Jason Statham to join the franchise. Things have been proceeding on the films since but, alas, they will be moving along without Statham. The two sides were unable to work things out and the Euro-Fast (not the actual title, by the way, at least I certainly hope not) will be proceeding without Statham's services.

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James MarshApril 14, 2012 12:51 PM

A damn shame.

larryovery75April 17, 2012 9:17 PM

really? the fact that jason statham won't be in it is the damn shame? nothing about the fact that they are making another two of these horrible movies. SPOILER ALERT: they will drive cars fast against other people who drive cars fast. there will be a weak antagonist who has quarrel with people who drive cars fast. lots of cg motor scenes. In short, this movie will be nothing short of the product of a human centipede.(regurgitated defecation)

ShawnApril 23, 2012 7:44 PM

Really!!! These movies as like most are made for entertainment and to escape our everyday stresses. People like you really annoy me for the simple fact that you you look into and analyze movies too damn much. If your such an awesome movie person and writer then i would like to see you write a movie and let's see how many people write about and criticize your movie about it's possibly weak antagonist, CGI stunts or it's regurgitated defecation of stuff from movies past. So go ahead I challenge you to write an OSCAR worthy movie that no one will criticize...think about that before you over analyze another movie for just plain being fun and entertaining.