Is There More BLACK DYNAMITE In Our Future?

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Is There More BLACK DYNAMITE In Our Future?
Michael Jai White spoke about his future plans while at the premier of Freaky Deaky at Tribeca the other night. And if all goes well we may have another Black Dynamite film! 

"We hope to shoot 'Black Dynamite 2' at the end of the year," he says, announcing a reprisal of the popular cult film character. The original 2009 film wasn't a massive hit though it gained a strong grassroots following and has even led to a Cartoon Network spinoff, which Jai White continues to develop. White wouldn't reveal any plot specifics, though the fake-blaxploitation angle could possibly undergo a revamp for the eighties, if he so chooses.

Hell. If that means swapping the bell bottoms and platforms with rolled up blazer sleeves and deck shoes but still get to see White kick ass and take names then I am all for it! 
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ragedaddy72April 26, 2012 12:28 AM

YES!! Please make this a reality MJW!!!

Joe YoungApril 26, 2012 11:23 AM

Well.....I think he should stick to the blaxploitation theme...I liked it...but more importantly bring Charlotte Stokely back....and some more pornstars like worked in Piranha.