Have Your Say: The Doomed Discs That Do Dazzle...

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Have Your Say: The Doomed Discs That Do Dazzle...
Todd Brown is the founding father of ScreenAnarchy. Although he has been branching out he still is our guiding light in all things ScreenAnarchy.
He is also evil.

Case in point: THIS ARTICLE (link) which he wrote. As an avid collector of DVDs and BluRays, the very suggestions he makes in there bend the universe, and not in a good way. The end of DVDs and BluRays? Nooooooooo...
Thing is, what if he is right? People have been predicting these discs going the way of the dodo for years already, and it might eventually happen. Maybe we go back to the age of the Laserdisc, and physical media will be expensive and limited, only bought in small volumes by audio-video-nerds.

The funny thing is that I've never had it as good as a movie fan as it is now. In the past I'd dream of owning a cinema one day and even though that would still rule, my current television and DTS-speakerset are already far closer to that dream than I had ever imagined getting. On top of that the sheer availability of titles is unprecedented. Sure there are gaps but damn, with a regionfree player and online bargain-hunting you can create a collection the likes of which was unthinkable for a non-millionaire a mere fifteen years ago.

So this article is a bit of a celebration to that certain brand of BluRay or DVD that we all own but may be different to each of us: the demo-disc.
When people visit you and pop a question like "Is BluRay really so much better than DVD?" there will be that one disc you use to show the strength of the medium, or at least the strength of your rig. It may be a BBC documentary, a James Bond film, the latest Pixar or Dreamworks cgi-animation... an epic historical picture perhaps or a science fiction spectacle. Or maybe just an intimate drama which shows more detail and depth than any other film.

For me, the demo-disc of choice is "Baraka" and has been for years. I still consider it one of the best transfers ever made even when not considering its age, although to be honest the picture quality has been a subject of debate amongst high-performance home cinema owners (then again, that debate is mostly about whether its transfer is excellent or just very, very good). Doomed as a medium or not, that disc does dazzle.

So my question to you is: which of your doomed discs does dazzle the most? What do you use to wow people?
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Ard VijnApril 19, 2012 9:07 AM

Oh, and that disc in the picture isn't "Baraka" of course, but the DVD of the US special edition of "Ichi the Killer", more of which can be seen here in our forum:


That disc looks properly doomed though!

huffy08April 19, 2012 9:28 AM

Baraka is absolutely ridiculous looking. When my parents bought a massive plasma TV a year ago I watched all of my Blu-rays on it and Baraka was probably the best looking. Criteron's Day's of Heaven is also incredible to look at.

mancalledvApril 19, 2012 11:37 AM

When i first got a blu player my go to answer was the Planet Earth series, but now, just for a "check this shit out" effect i pop in the UK (region free) blu of Zulu.

Jean-Fran├žoisApril 20, 2012 1:14 AM

That thread though. Oh God. That thread.

It shows just WHY physical media CANNOT disappear.


All those beauties. Give me digital backup anytime, but do NOT take away the physical objects... So beautiful... ;__;

Ard VijnApril 20, 2012 4:22 AM

I've heard about that disc. Hearing this as well, I may have to buy it...

fcbsglobalApril 26, 2012 8:57 AM

i have wathch that. that is good and also i have sheard with my freind.

ruppiemApril 29, 2012 11:38 PM

the fifth element is a great disc to show off :)
plus its a fun movie worth watching over and over again.

Jim TudorMay 19, 2012 2:41 PM

"The Death of Discs" is ridiculous to me, at least at the present moment. I agree that the market for discs is eventually likely to end up like that of the Laserdisc market of yore, but how can there not be a place for a nicely packaged, high-def edition of CITIZEN KANE on the shelves of discerning and/or cultured individuals? Granted, the pickin' will only become slimmer, but downloading everything is just a drag. Those who can need to be actively supporting the releases of their favorite films on disc, particularly the more obscure titles. We should be able to tread water for another five or ten years, and avoid this ridiculous looming death.