Great Movies Set in New York City

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Great Movies Set in New York City
The most recent great film set in New York City that I saw was a little independent film called THINGS I DON'T UNDERSTAND from writer-director-producer David Spaltro. As you could tell from my positive review, I admired it a lot. So when I heard that pre-production for Spaltro's third and final valentine to NYC (after 2008's ...AROUND and 2011's THINGS I DON'T UNDERSTAND) has begun and that shooting is due to start in early winter 2013, I am naturally excited. 

Here is what Spaltro told me about his new film: "The film's plot deals with memories, the art of writing and storytelling, changing relationships as well as a science fiction element involving time travel and space. It's going to be a bit non-linear detailing an important and sometimes toxic relationship between two people continually brought together and torn apart at different times in their lives and also tie in a science fiction element to explore those themes as well, which is something completely new and different to my work I've never tried."

"I've always had a bit of a love affair with New York City," Spaltro said. "It's the only place I've ever been able to call home and how it's inspired me creatively as the setting for both my films and how its themes and characters are very much facets of the city." 

So I asked him the question that I often discuss with my friends: what are your favorite movies set in New York? "My favorite NYC set films are Woody Allen's MANHATTAN, Martin Scorsese's AFTER HOURS and Billy Wilder's THE APARTMENT (my favorite film in general) with an honorable mention to Spike Lee's DO THE RIGHT THING. I feel they are the most accurate and honest portraits of real life at different times in NYC rather than "post card movies" that just have familiar NYC visuals or things that are more for tourists."

So, how about you, our dear readers? What are your favorites amongst all the films set in New York? TAXI DRIVER, ANNIE HALL, WALL STREET, GHOSTBUSTERS or others? Let us know!
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