Writer-Director Elias' Psychosexual Thriller GUT Gets A New Trailer

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Writer-Director Elias' Psychosexual Thriller GUT Gets A New Trailer

With his film getting accepted into next month's 60°N Os International Film Festival (April 21st-28th), Elias has passed along a new trailer for his answer to the question, "what do you do if your friend really wants you to see a mysterious video."

Short answer: "don't," followed by "get a new friend."

Here's the official synopsis:

Something is missing in Tom's life. His marriage has lost its spark, his job is suffocating him, and his childhood best friend Dan still clings to the past. Every day he goes through the motions, becoming increasingly detached from those around him. Dan thinks he has the solution, a mysterious video Tom's got to see to believe... tonight. What Dan shows him leaves Tom unsettled, flooding his mind with disturbing images and desires, and binding the two friends together with its ugly secret.

Screening times haven't been posted yet, but for more info you can check out the film's official site.

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Joe YoungMarch 23, 2012 12:56 PM

Creepy trailer....looks nice.

Saucy JoshMarch 23, 2012 2:41 PM

As someone lucky enough to have seen Gut, I'm excited that this film might actually be getting the attention it deserves. Anyone interested in an interview with Elias about Gut should check this out: http://filmsponge.com/interview-with-gut-filmmaker-elias-amazing-indie-faces-tough-road

petenpeaMarch 30, 2012 12:20 AM

An intelligent and keenly observed film that could be read as an indictment of the post-Roth multiplex thrill seekers. Effectively cloying and a work of considerable power...