SXSW 2012: All Wrapped Up

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SXSW 2012: All Wrapped Up

Austin is emptying out as the best and brightest that the film world has to offer heads home to hit the gym and try to work off all the delicious BBQ. It was a bumper year for SXSW Film coverage here at ScreenAnarchy and we are very proud to wrap it all up for you with links to our previews, reviews, and features. Take a look below the links as ScreenAnarchy's SXSW crew reflects on Austin's big cinematic celebration.

Competition & Spotlight Lineups
Headliners, Fest Faves, & Special Events
Midnight, Emerging Visions, & 24BPS

21 Jump Street by Jason Gorber
The Aggression Scale by Ryland Aldrich
Beast by Shelagh M. Rowan-Legg (Reposted)
Bernie by Ryland Aldrich (Reposted)
Black Pond by Peter Martin
The Cabin in the Woods by Jason Gorber
Casa de Mi Padre by Scott Weinberg
Citadel by John Jarzemsky
Compliance by John Jarzemsky
Daylight Savings by Peter Martin
The Do-Deca Pentathalon by John Jarzemsky
Eden by Peter Martin
Extracted by Scott Weinberg
Funeral Kings by Scott Weinberg
Girls Against Boys by John Jarzemsky
The Imposter by Peter Martin
Jeff by Scott Weinberg
Kid-Thing by John Jarzemsky
Los Chidos by Ryland Aldrich
Modus Anomali by Peter Martin
Rec 3: Genesis by Peter Martin
Sinister by Peter Martin
Seeking Asian Female by Peter Martin
The Taiwan Oyster by John Jarzemsky
The Tall Man by Peter Martin
Thale by Peter Martin
We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists by Scott Weinberg

Interviews, News & Features:
Mike Birbiglia Discusses his Debut Feature Sleepwalk With Me by Alex Koehne
Audience Award Winners Announced
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Conference Lineup Includes Seth MacFarlane, Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith, & More
Shorts Lineup Features Edgerton, Joost & Schulman, Hertzfeldt, Zakheim, & More

SXSW 2012 Wrap from Scott Weinberg

What was your overall favorite film?
I really cannot say. It's unfair to compare the glossy coolness of THE CABIN IN THE WOODS to the sparse nastiness of CITADEL, but I will say that this was my tenth SXSW, and their genre flicks were simply amazing this year. Lots of horror, a little sci-fi, several comedies and weird things.

And THE RAID. Wow.

How about your biggest disappointment?
Not being able to see more films. Also INTRUDERS. Man that was boring.

Who gave the best performance?
Horror-wise, the lead actress in [REC] 3: GENESIS. Her name is Leticia Dolera, or, if I have my way, Leticia Weinberg.

Comedy-wise, all the kids in FUNERAL KINGS, but Alex Maizus in particular. The foul-mouthed, baby-faced actor has a real natural air about him, plus he has solid comedic timing and lets his co-stars get some attention. You'll hear more from him soon.

What was your favorite documentary?
WE ARE LEGION is pretty fascinating, but I'd go with JEFF, which is an odd and very effective piece about the night Jeffrey Dahmer got caught.

What was your top discovery of the fest?
Not sure it's a "discovery," but I'm pleased to be one of the few writers out there who really dug Pascal Laugier's THE TALL MAN.

Finally, what was your favorite SXSW moment?
Seeing small, quiet horror films from around the globe AND a big, fancy, studio-backed crowd-pleaser in the same day. I love this festival.

SXSW 2012 Wrap from Peter Martin

What was your overall favorite film?
Bobcat Goldthwaite's GOD BLESS AMERICA, which is the best American comedy of the year.

How about your biggest disappointment?
THE TALL MAN. I was hoping for a provocative thriller and got a well-made film that adds up to very little in the substance department.

Who gave the best performance?
Jamie Chung in EDEN. In my initial assessment, she seemed limited, but upon further reflection, I think that was due to the script; she has potential to do much more. Also liked Leticia Dolera in [REC] 3: GENESIS and Jessica Biel in THE TALL MAN, as well as Kate Lyn Sheil in SUN DON'T SHINE, playing a character who drove me nuts.

What was your favorite documentary?
Shame on me, I only saw four! SEEKING ASIAN FEMALE was the stand-out; it was much better and deeper than I had feared it might be, based on the title alone.

What was your top discovery of the fest?
MODUS ANOMALI, in which Joko Anwar stretches himself by making a very strange, utterly surprising film. Also very impressive: THALE and BLACK POND, both directorial debuts that make me want to see more by the filmmakers.

Finally, what was your favorite SXSW moment?
Watching THE RAID: REDEMPTION at the Paramount Theatre with an enthusiastic crowd. I'd seen it at a press screening a couple of weeks before, but, on second viewing, the film impressed me even more, and the wild reactions of the audience added a definite "wow" factor. Also loved seeing Bobcat Goldthwaite in person for the GOD BLESS AMERICA Q&A, and seeing Ernest Lubitsch's THE OYSTER PRINCESS with a new musical score performed live by Bee Vs. Moth.

SXSW 2012 Wrap from John Jarzemsky

What was your overall favorite film?
Oddly, for me it's tied between two films that could not be more different: THE DO-DECA PENTATHLON and THE RAID. The former absolutely melted my heart, and really reminded me of what film, and specifically comedy, is capable of. The latter, well...when Weinberg asked me what I thought, I didn't have much to say then, and I don't have much to say now. See it.

How about your biggest disappointment?
I hate to duplicate Peter's answer, but THE TALL MAN really broke my heart, not only because I think MARTYRS is one of the most fiercely intelligent and beautifully made horror films of the last decade, but because it was my LAST FILM OF THE FEST. What a sloppy, wet fart of a non-movie to go out on.

Who gave the best performance?
Mark Kelly really stole the show for me with his hilarious turn as Jeremy in THE DO-DECA PENTATHLON. He's funny and obnoxious in a somewhat understated way that's refreshing in the post-Ferrell age, and he breaks your heart when the film gets a bit more serious.

What was your favorite documentary?
I didn't make it out to many, but UPRISING: HIP HOP AND THE LA RIOTS was a fascinating and informative look at, you guessed it, the 1992 LA riots, and radical hip hop's role in the lead-up and aftermath. I never realized how very little I knew about this riveting time in American history until I watched this short and sweet documentary.

What was your top discovery of the fest?
JEFF was a great little documentary that juxtaposes scenes of serial killer Jeffery Dahmer's everyday life (recreated by actors) with chilling interviews with his neighbor and the detective who led the investigation. I found it jarring at first, but it began to come together as the film moved along. I'd keep an eye on director Chris James Thompson.

Finally, what was your favorite SXSW moment?
SPOILER ALERT: That would be the standing ovation that lost and found American folk legend Rodriguez received after SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN played to a sparse crowd at the Paramount. Yes, he's not dead (but anybody with an internet connection can figure that out pretty quickly).

SXSW 2012 Wrap from Ryland Aldrich

What was your overall favorite film?
I've got to go with the McManus Bros.'s charming preteen-angst drama FUNERAL KINGS which won me over, not just because it was a ton of fun, but also because of how realistic it was in its depiction of 14 year old boys getting into trouble sneakin' smokes and scammin' chicks.

How about your biggest disappointment?
Todd Rohal's follow up to the rather disappointing THE CATECHISM CATACLYSM promised a better take on Rohal's favorite genre, camping horror-comedy, mostly because of a cast that included Patton Oswalt. Unfortunately, NATURE CALLS is an even sloppier version that not even a comic genius like Oswalt can save.

Who gave the best performance?
I loved both leads in FUNERAL KINGS, Alex Maizus and Dylan Hartigan, and I'll also echo the sentiment that Jamie Chung is stellar in EDEN. However my favorite performance of the fest was Matt O'Leary for his role alongside Chung in EDEN, where he was just as great as the crack smoking abuser as he was in last year's SXSW darling NATURAL SELECTION.

What was your favorite documentary?
Not only was Jacob Rosenberg's Danny Way skateboarding docu WAITING FOR LIGHTNING my favorite documentary of the fest, it is on the shortlist with SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS for my favorite docus of the year.

What was your top discovery of the fest?
This goes to Tom Kingsley and Will Sharpe's very cool semi-surreal docu-drama BLACK POND which is definitely worth tracking down.

Finally, what was your favorite SXSW moment?
It was a crazy 51 hours of madness on the ground at my first ever SXSW. Racing along rain soaked streets from airport to hotel to badge pickup to the Paramount for THE CABIN IN THE WOODS opening night premiere will stick in my mind for years to come. But the very best part of my fest was just catching up with all the good folks that make these festivals so much fun. It was especially great to see/meet/shoot the shit with the ScreenAnarchy team of Peter Martin, Scott Weinberg, and John Jarzemsky, who did an awesome job of kicking SXSW's ass all over the internet.

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