Ron Perlman Makes An Exceptionally Unattractive Woman

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Ron Perlman Makes An Exceptionally Unattractive Woman
Let me preface this, if you will, by stating that Ron Perlman will never be what anyone considers a typically attractive man. He is, after all, a performer that rose to prominence by playing a cave man and a sewer dwelling monster, with minimal makeup employed for either role.

But as a woman? Yow.

Perlman appears in drag on the poster for SXSW selection Frankie Goes Boom looking like the scary Eastern European aunt of childhood nightmares.

Perlman's fully aware of this, too, by the way, saying in an interview with Movieweb that "you'll see me be the ugliest broad you've ever seen, in the history of womanhood. I can't wait to see it. I have not seen it yet, but it's quite funny."

SXSW describes the film like this:

A comedy about two brothers, a girl with a broken heart, a sex tape, an angel and a pig...

Frank (CHARLIE HUNNAM) has been tortured, embarrassed, and humiliated  -- usually on film -- by his brother Bruce (CHRIS O'DOWD) his entire life.  Now that Bruce has finally kicked drugs and turned his life around, things should be different.  But when Frank's one-night stand with a distressed young woman (LIZZY CAPLAN) goes not quite as planned, Bruce's camera is ready, as always, to capture it...and share it with the world.

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