Kingdom Come: New Pics from Wes Anderson's MOONRISE KINGDOM

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Kingdom Come: New Pics from Wes Anderson's MOONRISE KINGDOM
I am unabashed in my love for Wes Anderson. Even his weaker films are miles ahead of many of his contemporaries, narratively and aesthetically. His canon of work, Bottle Rocket to Fantastic Mr. Fox, displays the bizarre, the earnest, the weary and the enthusiasm of a filmmaker with a unique and unmistakable vision. His new film looks to take yet another strangely familiar but no doubt still unique turn. It includes many familiar faces such as Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murrary, as well as newcomers Tilda Swinton, Frances McDormand, Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, and what looks like a cadre of clever, sardonic kids. Below are three new images from the film, due for release in May. Can't wait.
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danny.grMarch 2, 2012 5:53 PM

Who is Wed Anderson?

Shelagh M. Rowan-LeggMarch 2, 2012 5:58 PM

whoops! thanks for the heads up.