Have Your Say: A sequel to JOHN CARTER should be made (or not).

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Have Your Say: A sequel to JOHN CARTER should be made (or not).
I can make this article as difficult or basic as I want.
But the simple fact is: I keep reading about "John Carter" and people loving it, not loving it, about it being successful overseas, a bomb domestically...
Now, I'll be seeing the film coming weekend so I am late to the commenting game, but plenty of people have seen it so I have to ask:
Is "John Carter" overcooked overbudgeted Hollywood garbage that needs to be gotten rid off, or a geeky pile of eyecandy that we wholeheartedly embrace? Apparently director Andrew Stanton wanted to gun for a trilogy but voices within the industry think his chances of doing a sequel to this are zilch, zero, based on the film's current performance.

Do we want the rest of John Carter's story or does this franchise need to die as quick a death as possible?


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