First Teaser For Korean Ping Pong Drama AS ONE

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First Teaser For Korean Ping Pong Drama AS ONE
Based on a true story, As One (코리아 ) follows the events of the first unified South Korea-North Korea table tennis team at the 1991 world championships in Chiba City, Japan.  The sports drama is directed by Moon Hyun-Sung while the two main leads include Ha Ji-Won (Sector 7, Haeundae) as Hyun Jung-hwa, the top South Korean player at the championships and an Olympic gold medalist and Bae Doo-Na (The Host, Doomsday Book) as Li Bun-hui, the North Korean player and Hyun's doubles partner.
South Korean ping-pong star HYUN Jung-hwa and North Korea's LI Bun-hui have each been defeated by Chinese player DENG Yaping--a.k.a. "The Ping-Pong Witch" --every time they reach a tournament's finals. Teaming up as a United Korea for the first time in 1991 at the World Table Tennis Championships in Chiba City, Japan makes for moments of crisis and bungled coordination, but game-by-game, HYUN and LI become a true team.

But then comes the announcement that the United Korea team will be inexplicably disbanded. On the morning before the women's doubles finals against China and knowing the Unified Korea team is stronger, HYUN pleads with the coaches and players of the North Korean team to not break them up. She tells them: "I want to play on the United Korea team."

The North Korean side is moved beyond ideology and allows the North Korean players to play on the United Korean team. The women's doubles team goes on to defeat China in the finals, becoming the first and the last United Korea team ever to win gold.
Its set for theatrical release on May 3rd. No embeddable video so click on the link below.  You'll find the teaser trailer embedded below.
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CHUDMarch 21, 2012 10:36 AM

I kinda wish the synopsis hadn't spoiled the whole story. It's not a common knowledge story to us Americans and would've probably been more dramatic to find out as we go along.