Exclusive New Clip From THE CORRIDOR: A Bloody Head and a Keyhole

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Exclusive New Clip From THE CORRIDOR: A Bloody Head and a Keyhole
How many cabins are there in the woods, exactly, and what makes this one different? The horror / sci-fi / thriller The Corridor, directed by Evan Kelly and written by Josh MacDonald, received very positive word of mouth at Fantastic Fest last fall. Our own Ryland Aldrich wrote in his review:
What starts as a group of childhood friends looking to repair old wounds with a weekend in the woods turns into psychedelic race for sanity ... With a particularly talented group of actors, these young Canadian filmmakers have crafted a taut thriller that wraps the audience in a blanket of paranoia without falling victim to the clich├ęs that plague so many cabin-in-the-woods horrors.
Here's the official synopsis from IFC Midnight:
They've been the best of buddies for more than a decade, but now they're changing - getting married, getting promoted, going bald, going insane. During a male-bonding weekend, they will discover a spectral corridor through the woods - an impossible hallway where none should be. It will lead these five men into fear, into betrayal, and into the biggest change of them all: by weekend's finish... they'll be dead.
With that in mind, we have an exclusive clip for you to check out below, featuring a man looking through a keyhole, another man with a very bloody head, a little screaming, and .. a memorable way to punctuate the scene. The Corridor opens in limited theatrical release in the U.S. on Friday, March 30, and will also be available via various Video On Demand platforms.
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ikilledbambiMarch 28, 2012 5:50 PM

looks good