Toronto Screenings: Nowhere to Hide! Robot Jox! Lady Terminator! ALL FREE!

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Toronto Screenings: Nowhere to Hide! Robot Jox! Lady Terminator! ALL FREE!
The Toronto Korean Film Festival is hyping up their inaugural year with a series of free screenings leading up to the festival proper, which according to TKFF organizers, is slated for late June. First up is a free screening of Lee Myung-Se's art-house-meets-genre-film mashup Nowhere to Hide (1999); one of the first modern South Korean films to catch the interest of Western audiences, and perhaps cinema's best use of the BeeGees since Saturday Night Fever. (Nothing beats an assassination set to the soothing sound of the Brothers Gibb.)

The free screening is taking place this Saturday (Feb. 25th) at 4:30pm at Innis Town Hall (2 Sussex Avenue) and TKFF organizers will be on hand with information about both monthly screenings and what the full festival will entail.


The day before, at the very same venue, the Cinema Studies Student Union is holding their annual cult film triple bill. This year they're mixing things up with a dash of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a smidge of Robot Jox and a heaping pile of Lady Terminator - the freakout Indonesian re-imagining of the Schwarzenegger/Cameron 1984 classic. It all starts Friday, Feb. 24th at 7:00pm.

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